Becky Donnelly “The Skeleton & The Butterfly” Framed Print


Artist: Becky Donnelly

Title: “The Skeleton & The Butterfly”

Medium: Giclee print produced on Hanhemule Photo rag Matt paper.

Hand Signed by the artist.

Dimensions including frame 17.5” x  21” (44.5 x 53.5 cm)

Poem by the artist

“At the place where death and darkness call

And souls become debris,

Lies a sacred spot where pale leaves fall

From an ageing blossom tree.


And there amongst its petals

That float from tomb to tomb,

I saw a skeleton settle

To escape his life of gloom.

I watched him into nightfall,

I feared his ghoulish glare,

A corpse so cold and pale and tall,

I couldn’t help but stare.

A butterfly then flew close by,

Its fate seemed clear to me,

But the skeleton held it, with a tear in his eye

And then gently set it free.”

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Becky Donnelly

Becky Donnelly is an Irish illustrator, currently based in London.

Since graduating from Ballyfermot College of Further Education, where she studied Classical and Computer Animation, she has worked at Red Knuckles Animation Studio in London, and now illustrates freelance. She has produced work for clients such as The Love Magazine, Brown Thomas, and Louise Kennedy, with an emphasis on (slightly twisted) fashion illustration and character design.

She has always been drawn to monsters in art and literature; as a child they allowed her to put a face to her fears, and thereby understand them. Good and evil are not mutually exclusive identities in her mind, and this objective shapes her aspirations as an illustrator. From malevolent models to goofy gremlins, she strives to provide unapologetic explorations of identity, in the hope it will allow audiences, and herself, to explore their own without judgement.


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