Lauren White Murphy “Everything’s Gucci” mixed Media


Artist: Lauren White Murphy (Lolopop)

Title: Everything’s Gucci

Medium: Mixed Media with Diamond Dust

Framed: Yes

Framed Dimensions: 93.5 x 84.5 cm

Certificate of authenticity included

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Lauren White Murphy-LolopopArt

Step into the vibrant world of Lauren White Murphy, where art becomes a celebration of life’s precious moments and the resilience of the human spirit. After a diagnosis of MS in 2018 shifted her creative journey from songwriting to painting, Lauren’s canvases have become a symphony of color, texture, and glamour. Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed hues of California and the rich tapestry of her Irish heritage interwoven with American life, her work pulses with nostalgia and vitality.

Using a diverse array of mediums including acrylics, inks, pastels, 24k gold, and even diamond dust for an unparalleled sparkle and opulence Lauren’s pieces transcend mere representation, becoming portals to a world where every glance reveals a new layer of depth and meaning. From iconic figures to cherished memories, each stroke of her brush captures the essence of the moment, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of life.

With a portfolio that spans from abstract explorations to intricate portraits, Lauren’s art is a testament to her creative vision and unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. Through her work, she not only shares her own journey of resilience but also spreads joy and positivity to collectors around the globe. From adorning the walls of celebrity homes to being auctioned off for charitable causes, Lauren’s art is a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us to cherish every moment and find beauty in the most unexpected places.


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